VP BANK Hanoi Marathon 2021

Your participation will support the construction of the school.

You can participate in the NPO group frame

  • This year's 4th Hanoi Marathon is a marathon that explores Hanoi's historic and representative landscapes, including Hanoi Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake, Hong Ha, West Lake and Long Bien Bridge.Runners will experience this unique race where you can feel the deep history, rich culture and the lives of the people of Hanoi.
  • The participation fee for each participant through our organization will be used to finance the construction of schools in areas that are not blessed with the educational environment in the mountainous regions of Vietnam, with the exception of some expenses.

Name of the tournament: 

VP BANK Hanoi Marathon (English notation: VPBANK Hanoi Marathon)

Its main sponsor, VPBANK, is a large private bank based in Hanoi.

Purpose of participation in the tournament as an NPO:

The SEA Asian Education Support Association, an NPO, has agreed to continue to cooperate as an NPO organization in the last fiscal year.There is no special obligation for those who participate as runners other than to agree to use the photos taken for publicity.

And with the exception of some expenses, all of your participation fees will be used as educational support for Vietnamese children, mainly for school repairs and school construction costs in underprivileged areas in mountainous areas.

The name of this tournament, gratitude, and the names of everyone who cooperated will be posted on the plate at the school that was constructed and repaired.

Opening date:

Sunday Reiwa October 24, 2021

Species Eyes:

  • Mini Marathon (4.2 Km)
  • 10 km
  • Half Marathon (21 km)
  • Full Marathon (42.195 Km)

Participation fee:

( US dollars )StandardLate Entry
Application periodApril 1 – July 31August 1 – September 30
4.2 Km (Mini)25.0030.00
10 Km45.0045.00
21 Km (Half)75.0080.00
42 Km (Full)85.0095.00

Participation from Japan:

Last year, there was a coronal disaster, but the infection situation in Vietnam was also calm, so it was held only for vietnamese residents.At present, this year's tournament is expected to be held as scheduled, but it is not possible to predict at this time (April 2021) that we will be able to travel from Japan and participate.

For this reason, we basically accept applications mainly for people living in Vietnam (regardless of nationality).In addition, even if you do not apply officially, if you are interested in participating in this tournament from outside Vietnam, please contact us first.

Participation fee (NPO frame) includes:

Entry fee for the event, shirts paid by the NPO, finish medals, measurement chips, water supply received during running, local value-added tax, remittance, etc. administrative fees

Events and start times (local time on the day of the tournament)

  • Mini Marathon (October 24, 8:00 a.m.)
  • 10km Marathon (October 24, 5:30 a.m.)
  • Half Marathon (October 24, 5:00 a.m.)
  • Full Marathon (October 24, 4:30 a.m.)



Volunteers and Sponsors Wanted:

  • We are looking for a sponsor company of the tournament.
  • We are looking for tournament staff.

Contact information:

  • Contact (Japan)

Name: SEA Asian Education Support Association

Mail: info@sea-ajia.org

  • Contact (Vietnam)


Mail: hanoi.marathon@dhavietnam.vn

2020 Tournament:

2019 Tournament Scenery

Terms of Participation:

  1. I ("I") of the applicant shall waive the liability of the organizer, related sponsor, npo, etc. for intentional or inadvertent damagedurant during the event, and shall not make a claim for disability compensation, etc.
  2. I have no heart disease or disease, i take care of my health, get checked by a doctor in advance, and train well for running to participate in the tournament.We will participate in the tournament at our own risk for injuries, accidents, loss of personal belongings, etc.
  3. I accept that the participation fee will not be refunded if the event is reduced or canceled due to reasons not related to the organizer's responsibility, such as the inadequacy or cancellation of the event after the application due to personal reasons, the threat of terrorism, earthquakes, floods, snowfalls, incidents, diseases, etc.
  4. I agree that the video, photographs, articles, records, etc. of the tournament will be sponsored and reported, published, and used in newspapers, television, magazines, the Internet, pamphlets, etc.In addition, if it is necessary to provide it to related business operators and contractors within the scope of the management of this tournament (record measuring company, Red Cross, live streaming, etc.), I agree that the right to publish and use belong to the organizer.
  5. We will not make false declarations of your name or age, or participate in non-applicants(I understand that the transfer of measurement chips and bibs is also prohibited.
  6. I am aware that the sponsor name on the bib must always be visible, and that folding and deformation will also be disqualified.
  7. I am aware that if in-line skaters, bicycle runners, or other players are deemed to have trouble continuing the competition during the tournament, they will be cancelled or disqualified.
  8. I accept that the organizer will treat the participant's personal information as a data base.
  9. We are aware that shirts provided by NPOs should be worn during the run and the name and logo of sponsor sponsors should not be hidden.
  10. Other note▶ will b
    e held in compliance with the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
    ▶ the participant agrees to the above matters when he/she receives the bib, and is deemed to have received a prior doctoral check regarding health.
    ▶ may be forced to change, so please check the official website for the latest information.