About Donations

How to use donations and membership fees from you

For school construction

We will build a school in the mountains of Vietnam.We will use it for construction materials and labor expenses of local people.

Cost of travel and stay in Vietnam

If you need to travel from Japan to Vietnam for school construction and operation, meetings with the Vietnamese government, and related organizations, or events in Vietnam, we will use it for travel and stay expenses.

Expenses for activities for the management of the organization

It will be used for necessary expenses for the operation, such as necessary expenses associated with the business, publication of magazines, management and operation of the website, production and printing of leaflets and pamphlets, etc.

How to support and donate

We will use not only the support by money but also the support of the article thankfully.In the case of goods, in addition to the case that can be used directly for support activities in Vietnam, we will also use the profit on sale by our organization for support as well.

About tax credits

The organization has just applied for certification as a specified non-profit organization and has not yet been recognized as an accredited NPO.Therefore, I am sorry, but I can not use the tax deduction at this stage.Please understand the purpose of our activities and ask for your cooperation, albeit with no tax benefits for the time being.

Contact information about donations

NOP Sea Asian Education Support Assoc
iation (Secretariat info@sea)