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Children in the mountains of Vietnam have very few opportunities to study.There are many children engaged in manual labor.Even girls are forced to get married earlier than they study.I think the only way in life to live happily is to study.I think studying and getting a better job is a shortcut to living happily.I believe that studying not only will help change your destiny and future, but also change the society of the future.

I want to give my children a study opportunity and a place to study.We support you as an NPO from such a thought.

School for Vietnamese childre
n!! Thank you for your cooperation.

Founder De Ti Tao


SEA Asia Educational Support Association

NGO Support Education Asia Association

Board of Directors and Secretariat

Founder: Do Thi Tao


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Secretariat: Sadao Senju


August 2019 Activities started

August 2019 Application for Non-Profit Organization

December 2019 Registered as an NPO